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Increase the reach (ITR) Peer Navigators Continue Their Community Engagement Efforts for Kansas Babies & Little Tykes Day Out

As the ITR - Rise Up Central Kansas vaccine equity grant nears the end, what will indeed continue and not end - are the strong community engagement efforts that have been established as a direct result of the ITR to promote vaccine equity among the substance use disorder (SUD) community and beyond.


The ITR Rise Up Central Kansas Project Coordinator and Peer Navigators were essential in lending their time and efforts to support the recent Kansas Children's Service League Healthy Families Kansas Babies and Little Tykes Day Out at the Great Bend auditorium.


Through taking an inclusive approach of community engagement, it brings together the skills, knowledge and experiences of diverse groups. It's even more impactful when the SUD community can share their time and efforts to benefit all members of a community, including babies and little tykes in rural central Kansas!


Rise Up Central Kansas have been a big part of lifting up the Great Bend community and central Kansas communities through many service-focused efforts. The efforts are many and include food pantry distribution efforts, transporting SUD persons to recovery meetings, providing employment opportunities and supporting healthy families through partnerships with the Kansas Children's Service League and beyond!

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